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Hai . It's Fatin here , and welcome to my blog :)

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Hey , so it has been years since i last opened my blog and here i am! Actually I don't plan to continue blogging but i just want to tell how i feel reading my old posts . I also don't know why i have the urge to open this blog . And of course! Who wouldn't feel embarrassed reading something that you've posted when you were young! *i'm not saying that i'm old now* . But god! Just look at all the broken english that i've typed! I feel like killing but meh . Plus i don't think anyone gonna read this hahahaha . I just want to say that im missing my old life when i can play Ameba Pico all day long but it has been 6 or 7 years it stopped and i've become lifeless since then . But i have this one game called Transformice *my username is Lunykel incase some of you wondering* though it's not as good as Ameba Pico , it's kind of fun since it's not really a typical kind of game where you can only chat and explore places . But since this year i'll be sitting for my SPM , I don't have time to play it anymore . But i'll play it soon when i'm free from all this sh*t . And yeah i was thinking whether i should delete this blog or not but i've made my mind not to . So for those who knows me , you take care of yourself and hope we can see each other again in the future! Bye ;)